Uplifting Stories of How God's Justice Has Been Revealed in the World 

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Evil comes in many forms, and it can sometimes be difficult to recognize for what it truly is, even if we are encountering it face-to-face. Thankfully, many strong and faithful people have gone before us and faced up to the challenge. The world is replete with examples of brave souls who have used biblical principles to successfully escape evil and, in the process, reveal God's justice to the rest of humanity.

Escaping Evil - God's Justice Revealed Within World Legends is a book about many of these special individuals. Each chapter offers a detailed character study of someone who has faced evil and won. Combined with scriptural truth about the human struggle to overcome evil, these character studies provide the reader with lessons that they can take and apply to their own lives.

 Within these pages you will be able to find inspiration from the examples set by: 

  • Queen Elizabeth II Defender of the Faith
  • Charles Colson—A Modern-Day Moses Discovers Redemption
  • Oprah Winfrey--Rising Above a Disadvantaged Youth
  • Joseph Scriven--Overcoming Personal Tragedy Through Prayer
  • Corrie ten Boom--Trusting God in the Darkest of Evil
  • Ashley Smith--The Unlikely Angel of Atlanta
  • Franklin Graham--The Redemption of a Prodigal Son
  • Jimmy Carter--Champion of Human Rights
  • Jim Kelly--Toughness to Persevere Through Tough Times
  • Bono--Employing His Good Voice for the Poor
  • Bill Gates--Finding Freedom Through Generosity

 The Benefits of Buying "Escaping Evil"  

"Escaping Evil: God's Justice Revealed Within World Legends" is an ebook offering from SpiritualBridge that was made for anyone who has ever struggled with evil and adversity. Sometimes evil can be difficult to recognize for what it truly is, even when it is standing right in front of us. The good news is that we are not the first people to have ever dealt with the problem of evil head-on. Many have come before us and overcome the challenge of evil by rising to the occasion and trusting that God's justice would ultimately prevail.

"Escaping Evil: God's Justice Revealed Within World Legends" provides the reader with a look at the lives of many extraordinary individuals who have successfully fought their way out of the clutches of evil and transformed their lives for the better. At SpiritualBridge we believe that reading these stories can have numerous benefits for your life. "Escaping Evil" can enrich your spiritual life by:  

  • Giving you Godly role models to look up to

Each of the world legends discussed in the book used their faith as their main source of strength and power. Many of today's celebrities, politicians, sports heroes, and other-well known figures don't provide the best examples of how we should live and conduct ourselves. The individuals discussed in "Escaping Evil," however, are all role models that you can emulate and look up to in your own life.

  • Providing you with the inspiration needed to overcome adversity

When we are faced with challenges in our own lives, other people who have overcome similar struggles can often provide us with the best source of inspiration. The stories featured in this book may not be identical to your own life story, but there is likely to be enough common ground to help you realize that, if these people overcame their adversity, then you can too.

  • Teaching you how to trust in God in all things

The one thread that holds all of the stories in "Escaping Evil" together is that every world legend in the ebook put their faith in God and trusted that His justice would reveal itself in the world. If you learn to put God first and to trust that He is always, at every moment, looking out for your best interest, then you'll begin to see His hand at work in your life.

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 Get Escaping Evil eBook  For Just $11.99!

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